The whole world is watching.

The volume of content produced in and for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is increasing.

So, we have built an adequate production service for companies, agencies, and clients who desire to shoot there.

The expanding domestic market, the beautiful locations, and improved crew quality solidify Saudi Arabia’s position as a prominent center for entertainment, events, and sports.

We’re the access you need. Millimeter is not a newcomer attracted by the hype; the company has over 15 years of experience in the market.

The new venture with Falca opens the chance to cater the experience to international production companies willing to shoot in the Kingdom to an experience that combines reliability and local knowledge.

The new office in KSA, focusing on production service in Saudi Arabia, caters to the needs of our existing clients.

We have the financial and legal structure necessary to execute projects of all sizes and the experience to make them for the agreed budget and with tight and detailed control of costs.

Maintaining a “nothing-is-impossible” attitude is our core value proposition.

A good production service needs to be clear on the challenges of any project, make realistic budgets and have a top crew available.

A production service expects the visiting crew to be in high demand, with lots of experience and an overall budget that generates tension and stress in all team members.

Understanding this is key for us and pushing to make the experience as solid and transparent as possible.

Besides working for the company, our goals are building a more robust local industry and consolidating the image and prestige of the KSA and its citizens.

There is no short-term thinking here; everything is made for a reason. On the other hand, we expect and request respect for our local habits and manners, and we hope that sometimes, some things are different from the reality in other countries.

Adnan Badeeb
Executive Producer

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Ignasi Vargas
Executive Producer
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Akram Douglas
Executive Producer

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Falca x Millimeter

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