F x M | A Production Company in KSA

Production Service in KSA

Falca has joined forces with Millimeter to offer production services in KSA. Falca will bring its rich history of producing football content to a new continent.

This new collaboration comes from the influx of top-tier footballers moving to the Saudi Professional League. Cristiano Ronaldo started the trend in late December 2022, and countless others followed in the summer of 2023. This has opened up a requirement for top-level football production services in KSA.

Millimeter brings the local know-how and the ability to streamline the local production process, while Falca has an acute knowledge of how football-centered production works.

This is not a case of a company jumping on the bandwagon; Falca has been producing with significant brands and footballers across Europe for 10 years now, and due to the movement of top footballers and the changing landscape of the brands they work with, there has always been a need to adapt to new locations and make it work, quickly!

KSA is home for us, and we look forward to many productions in Saudi Arabia in the future.